The writings, research, and philosophy of Sean Jobst
A study and interpretation of Initiation within various Indo-European Pagan traditions
A deep study into the reality behind this mysterious figure....from an analysis of world mythologies, Gnostic texts, and decoding Abrahamism
I am a philosophical Anarchist. For as long as I've thought politically, it was always outside the "mainstream" left-right paradigm. I've instinctively…
Biographical essay of a Swedish artist, Anarchist, and Sufi mystic
Proofs that Tolkien incorporated Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Norse and other Germanic/Celtic myths into his various works - to fill the need for a living…
Rough transcript of a speech I gave at a 2017 conference, complete with notes and sources that conclusively prove nothing less than what the title…
Compendium of four articles I wrote after my two weeks as a guest on the Oglala Lakota reservation - one social, one political-economic, two spiritual
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